Vertical Double-chamber Gas cooled Oil Vacuum Quenching Furnace50x30x25 bar magnet

Vacuum Oil Quenching: Applications and Unique Properties | 2016

Jan 8, 2016 Like in any hardening process, the purpose of oil quenching is to transform Depending on the steel grades and cooling profiles, it is possible to achieve . These include horizontal furnaces with single or double chambers for oil and gas quenching. Multiple-chamber vertical furnaces are also available.

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Vacuum Hardening 2 and 6 Bar Pressure Quenching - Cranston

Vacuum Pressure Quenching & Vacuum Gas Quenching is unique in that it is capable of producing cool rates approaching that of oil yet with minimal The Spectrum Thermal Processing Single Chamber Gas Pressure Quench Furnace is

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Vacuum Pressure Quenching - Solar Atmospheres

High pressure gas quenching has been identified as an important in a vacuum furnace, as opposed to oil quenching, for various oil—hardening grades of materials. Oil. Six pieces of bar stock for each of the four grades of oil- hardening steel (01. 200 my 1 Representative cooling curves for gas and oil quenching of.

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Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnaces - BMI Fours Industriels

BMI's range of _TH furnaces are designed for oil quenching vacuum treatments +High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces - Gas Cooling Two-chamber Oil and Gas Quenching Furnace - Type B6_TH. Two-chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace - Type P16_TH. Two-chamber vertical Oil Quenching Furnace - Type V6_TH

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Two-chamber Oil/Gas Quenching furnace - Type B6_TH - BMI Fours

Horizontal Oil and Gas Quenching Vacuum Furnace – Type B6_TH Max 1250°C; GRAPHTIL® man-machine interface; Cooling pressure 1,2 to 6 bar abs. Oil in aeronautics, favour the range of the V6_TH vertical oil quenching furnaces.

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